fat16.c File Reference

Detailed Description

FAT16 implementation (license: GPLv2 or LGPLv2.1).

Roland Riegel


struct fat16_fs_struct * fat16_open (struct partition_struct *partition)
 Opens a FAT16 filesystem.
void fat16_close (struct fat16_fs_struct *fs)
 Closes a FAT16 filesystem.
uint8_t fat16_get_dir_entry_of_path (struct fat16_fs_struct *fs, const char *path, struct fat16_dir_entry_struct *dir_entry)
 Retrieves the directory entry of a path.
struct fat16_file_struct * fat16_open_file (struct fat16_fs_struct *fs, const struct fat16_dir_entry_struct *dir_entry)
 Opens a file on a FAT16 filesystem.
void fat16_close_file (struct fat16_file_struct *fd)
 Closes a file.
int16_t fat16_read_file (struct fat16_file_struct *fd, uint8_t *buffer, uint16_t buffer_len)
 Reads data from a file.
int16_t fat16_write_file (struct fat16_file_struct *fd, const uint8_t *buffer, uint16_t buffer_len)
 Writes data to a file.
uint8_t fat16_seek_file (struct fat16_file_struct *fd, int32_t *offset, uint8_t whence)
 Repositions the read/write file offset.
uint8_t fat16_resize_file (struct fat16_file_struct *fd, uint32_t size)
 Resizes a file to have a specific size.
struct fat16_dir_struct * fat16_open_dir (struct fat16_fs_struct *fs, const struct fat16_dir_entry_struct *dir_entry)
 Opens a directory.
void fat16_close_dir (struct fat16_dir_struct *dd)
 Closes a directory descriptor.
uint8_t fat16_read_dir (struct fat16_dir_struct *dd, struct fat16_dir_entry_struct *dir_entry)
 Reads the next directory entry contained within a parent directory.
uint8_t fat16_reset_dir (struct fat16_dir_struct *dd)
 Resets a directory handle.
uint8_t fat16_create_file (struct fat16_dir_struct *parent, const char *file, struct fat16_dir_entry_struct *dir_entry)
 Creates a file.
uint8_t fat16_delete_file (struct fat16_fs_struct *fs, struct fat16_dir_entry_struct *dir_entry)
 Deletes a file or directory.
uint8_t fat16_create_dir (struct fat16_dir_struct *parent, const char *dir, struct fat16_dir_entry_struct *dir_entry)
 Creates a directory.
uint8_t fat16_delete_dir (struct fat16_fs_struct *fs, struct fat16_dir_entry_struct *dir_entry)
 Deletes a directory.
void fat16_get_file_modification_date (const struct fat16_dir_entry_struct *dir_entry, uint16_t *year, uint8_t *month, uint8_t *day)
 Returns the modification date of a file.
void fat16_get_file_modification_time (const struct fat16_dir_entry_struct *dir_entry, uint8_t *hour, uint8_t *min, uint8_t *sec)
 Returns the modification time of a file.
uint32_t fat16_get_fs_size (const struct fat16_fs_struct *fs)
 Returns the amount of total storage capacity of the filesystem in bytes.
uint32_t fat16_get_fs_free (const struct fat16_fs_struct *fs)
 Returns the amount of free storage capacity on the filesystem in bytes.

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