timer.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Timer header (license: GPLv2).

Roland Riegel


typedef void(* timer_callback )(int timer)
 The type of callback function executed when a timer expires.


void timer_interval ()
 Global timeout handling function.
int timer_alloc (timer_callback callback, uintptr_t user)
 Allocates a timer.
void timer_free (int timer)
 Deallocates a timer.
bool timer_set (int timer, uint32_t millis)
 Starts or restarts a timer.
bool timer_stop (int timer)
 Stops the timer.
bool timer_expired (int timer)
 Checks wether a timer has expired or was stopped manually.
uintptr_t timer_get_user (int timer)
 Retrieves the user-defined data attached to a timer.
bool timer_set_user (int timer, uintptr_t user)
 Assigns user-defined data to a timer.

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