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sd_raw.h File Reference

MMC/SD/SDHC raw access header (license: GPLv2 or LGPLv2.1) More...

Data Structures

struct  sd_raw_info
 This struct is used by sd_raw_get_info() to return manufacturing and status information of the card. More...


 The card's layout is harddisk-like, which means it contains a master boot record with a partition table.
 The card contains a single filesystem and no partition table.
 The card's layout follows the Universal File Format.
 The card's layout is unknown.


uint8_t sd_raw_init ()
 Initializes memory card communication.
uint8_t sd_raw_available ()
 Checks wether a memory card is located in the slot.
uint8_t sd_raw_locked ()
 Checks wether the memory card is locked for write access.
uint8_t sd_raw_read (offset_t offset, uint8_t *buffer, uintptr_t length)
 Reads raw data from the card.
uint8_t sd_raw_read_interval (offset_t offset, uint8_t *buffer, uintptr_t interval, uintptr_t length, sd_raw_read_interval_handler_t callback, void *p)
 Continuously reads units of interval bytes and calls a callback function.
uint8_t sd_raw_write (offset_t offset, const uint8_t *buffer, uintptr_t length)
 Writes raw data to the card.
uint8_t sd_raw_write_interval (offset_t offset, uint8_t *buffer, uintptr_t length, sd_raw_write_interval_handler_t callback, void *p)
 Writes a continuous data stream obtained from a callback function.
uint8_t sd_raw_sync ()
 Writes the write buffer's content to the card.
uint8_t sd_raw_get_info (struct sd_raw_info *info)
 Reads informational data from the card.

Detailed Description

MMC/SD/SDHC raw access header (license: GPLv2 or LGPLv2.1)

Roland Riegel