ICMP protocol support
[Protocol stack]

Detailed Description

Implementation of the ICMP layer.

This is kept very simple. It basically just answers ping requests.


file  icmp.c
 ICMP implementation (license: GPLv2).
file  icmp.h
 ICMP header (license: GPLv2).


void icmp_init ()
 Initializes the ICMP layer.
bool icmp_handle_packet (const uint8_t *ip, const struct icmp_header *packet, uint16_t packet_len)
 Handles ICMP packets.

Function Documentation

bool icmp_handle_packet ( const uint8_t *  ip,
const struct icmp_header *  packet,
uint16_t  packet_len 

Handles ICMP packets.

Currently, this function just answers ping requests.

This function is used internally and should not be explicitly called by applications.
[in] ip The IP address of the host where the ICMP packet came from.
[in] packet A pointer to the buffer containing the ICMP packet.
[in] packet_len The length of the ICMP packet.
true if the incoming packet could be handled, false otherwise.

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